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So I think I had waited around 6 or 7 weeks for my results but they’re finally here. I decided I would just highlight the main parts of my results since the amount of information that becomes available to you is enormous.

When the results are populated on the personalized website, they’re broken up into different categories. Under the heading “Health Overview” it is broken down into five categories.

  • Health Risks
  • Drug Response
  • Inherited Conditions
  • Traits
  • Health Tools

I’ll take a few snap shots of my results so people who haven’t done 23andme can see what it looks like.

Health Risks


The snapshot is taken directly from my profile. This is what you will see when you open up your health risk portion of the results. I’ve highlighted only the ones that have a somewhat increased risk. I really like the way the site breaks down the results. If someone told me that my risk of developing exfoliation glaucoma was 3 times higher than the average individual I may have been worried. However, I’m not at all worried considering the average risk of getting this rare condition is 0.7%. My risk, 2.2%, is still low enough for me not to worry about it. I was surprised to see that type 2 diabetes was at the top of the list. But I’m still not overly worried about it considering that the average risk for it is pretty high. The majority of people with type 2 diabetes can manage it with eating healthy, exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy body weight. Most of the people with type 2 diabetes I speak to ignore those as essential treatments of the disease.

Drug Response

As a pharmacist, when I saw that this was a separate section of the results I was immediately interested. I was very curious as to what drug sensitivities were going to be tested.


Luckily, I don’t take many medications so I wasn’t overly concerned as much as I was curious about the results. Abacavir is an HIV medication. Warfarin is a blood thinner. I really hope I never have to be on either one of those. But, if ever I am handed a prescription for them, I now know that I’m more sensitive than the average joe.

Inherited Conditions


This section of the results was pretty large. It has a lot of rare disorders that I’ve never even heard of before. Like the PMM2-CDG. I hadn’t heard of it until 23andme. Apparently I have 1 copy of the gene. This condition, if someone inherits it, causes a malfunction in the way our cells in our bodies utilize glucose. I don’t need to worry much because the majority of people who only have one copy of the gene are unaffected. I am a carrier which means that if I have children then I can pass along that gene. If my child gets one gene from me and one gene from my partner, the chances are good that my child will fail to thrive.



This was another section that is more fun than serious. I laughed out loud when I saw under muscle performance… “Unlikely sprinter”. Mostly because it’s so very true. I hate running let alone sprinting. It has to do with the type of muscle fibers you have. I’m surprised that I have typical odds of male pattern baldness. Although I am not bald, I consider my hair to be thinning. Both my grandfathers are/were bald. Apparently, I’m resistant to norovirus which I am happy about. I didn’t know you could be resistant to it. I already knew I could detect the smell of the metabolite of asparagus because even if I consume a vegetable dish with just a few slivers of asparagus I can smell it about 30 minutes later when I go to the washroom.

Health Tools

This section of the website are things they are working on. Things to estimate your ABO blood group. They’re probably based a lot on assumptions and therefore can’t be included in the actual analysis. But still, they provide interesting information to consider.

There’s a whole other half of the website and analysis that has to do with your family tree and your ancestral origin. You can become linked with other people who share parts of your DNA. There’s also a family tree option where you can begin to construct your families history.

Overall, I am impressed with 23andme. They do an awesome job at presenting the results in the easiest to understand format and offer more information to those who want it. The additional information that is provided about certain conditions or genetic traits is easy enough to understand considering the subject of genetics isn’t the easiest to explain.

I am thinking of buying some of my immediate family 23andme packages so they can discover more about their DNA. I think that 100$ + shipping/taxes is definitely worth it for the amount of content you end up with.


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