23andme.com: Update

So I had plans of writing a series of blog posts chronicling the process of the 23andme.com do-it-yourself genetic testing. I still have plans of doing just that. However, it’s been taking a lot longer than I had anticipated.

Genetic testing

Genetic testing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I had submited my saliva sample and the company received it and started the process around January 14th. I am still waiting for my final results. There are, however, 6 steps in their whole process. Currently, when I look on my 23andme.com account, they’re on step 4/6. Step 4 is when they actually put your DNA on the microchip and get some real results. The last time I popped on to check my results, they said the process could take another 1-3 weeks! I just checked this morning, and they have updated my status to saying the results of my DNA should be available within 72 hours.


I should have tons of information and data to sort through in the next little while. We currently had a genetic ‘scare’ in the family and I’m interested in knowing if I am a carrier for anything genetically linked. (Fortunately, the individual in my family had gotten a thorough genetic analysis and was told by a genetic counselor that they need not worry). I’m definitely looking forward to the results.

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